About MegaFortuneSlot.eu

We started Megafortuneslot.eu as we are a team of online casino fans who love casino slots. With that said, Mega Fortune is one of our favourite games to play online, for a couple of reasons - and one or two might be obvious!

The biggest appeal to Mega Fortune is the progressive jackpot it boasts, which is usually well over €4 Million. It varies and can get much larger but this kind of multi million win can only be found with progressive jackpots, which make regular slots prizes seem small!

Also, If you ever get to the Mega Fortune bonus round, there’s nothing quite as thrilling as that, when you're playing at an online casino and getting one step further each time on the Wheel of Fortune, to take the actual Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot all for yourself. That;s right, that multi-million jackpot can be yours and it can be sitting in your bank account. For this and a few other reasons, we thought we’d share our hobby with others on the net by making an exclusive Mega Fortune Fan guide, to help you understand how Mega Fortune works, why the Mega Fortune Jackpot can grow so large, and of course - the best online casinos to play Mega Fortune, which are trusted, safe and reputable and since you're the paying customer, the online casinos which give you the best entertainment and customer service.

Meet the MegaFortune Slot Team

We are a team of online gambling fans and professionals whom have worked within the iGaming Industry for over 20 years combined each having a different skill or expertise.

What drives us forward is the ever changing gambling industry, the cutting edge of exciting and clever new games launched online, the life changing jackpots that happen to real people, which boats bigger jackpots than you can find anywhere else and the fact that online casino is so accessible! Above all, Gambling can be fun and it's one of our passions. It’s fun and exciting and that’s why we share it.

We Love Mega Fortune!

mega fortune slotWe want to wish you good luck on your casino adventure, and remember that playing online casino is meant to be fun and entertaining. Keep in mind that you should only bet what you can afford to lose, and if you win, decide first how you want to handle that. If you want to carry on playing then it's ok, but do give yourself some time to think what you could also do with your money if you withdraw it. If you win the Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot - that is some serious amount of money which can change your life overnight, so you would need to be prepared for that.

If we won, I know we think and have spoken about travelling and seeing new places, buying a new surround system or indeed a new car, so our words to you is to take it one step at the time and just enjoy yourself.

We hope you enjoy reading our guide and you get something from it. If you want to contact us then feel free to on our contact us page. Maybe you want to tell us about your Mega Fortune Slot experiences, would like to ask our advice or need our help; then we'd love to hear from fellow fans too!

One last thing - we are an independent Mega Fortune Slot Review Guide and we are in no way affiliated with the slot itself or the manufacturing company Netent. We try to keep any information on this site as up to date as possible but we are only human and small errors or out of date information may occur so we hold no responsibility. But we try our best to be up to date as possible however.