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Mega Fortune Slot

Mega Fortune is the Progressive Jackpot Casino Slot that has been on the tip of many peoples tongues since it was launched by Netentertianment a few years ago during 2009. Since then, near on every reputable online casino sites offers Mega Fortune to their customers so it's easy to find and play.

Mega Fortune is probably the most popular Jackpot slot that's available today, and you've probably seen news about the lucky Mega Fortune winner - real people win the Multi-Million winnings, that online online casino jackpots can give.

Mega Fortune has given out some of the biggest Jackpots ever won from an online casino throughout the past couple of years, the biggest so far is a record breaking, eye watering and certainly life changing €17.4 Million won in 2013.

How To Play at Online Casinos

This may sound too good to be true, but it isn't. The fact is, Mega Fortune Slot does exist and people really win those fortunes. So, if you are new to playing at online casino sites and you're reading this, not only do big jackpots like Mega Fortune exist, it's really easy to get started too! All you need to do is pick a casino site of your choice (have a look around at our recommended casino sites on this site) deposit into your casino account and then get started playing thousands of games and slots. Our guide on how to play online casino should help you.

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How do Progressive Jackpots Work?

It's possible that you can win these huge Jackpots because Mega Fortune is a type of Casino slot which are called Progressive Jackpots. A progressive Jackpot is a jackpot which is pooled together from various sources which contribute to the growing prizepool. If you can imagine, when you think of all of the gambling sitesmega fortune which offer the Mega Fortune slot, or any Progressive slot for that matter, think of every player that makes a spin on the slot will contribute to the jackpot.

That's alot of players and a lot of spins. So over time, the Jackpot grows and grows to make one amazing Jackpot, bursting and ready to be won.

The Mega Fortune Jackpot is rarely under €4 Million but the most most it's reached so far is a whopping €17.3 Million. Mega Fortune Progressive Slot is produced by Slot pioneers Net Entertainment and they've never let anyone down in delivering the best online slots.

Mega Fortune oozes a theme which boasts Charm and Luxury and is designed to offer you all the good things in life. Expect to see the slot icons with such graphics including Champagne bottles, Diamonds, Yachts, Cognac snifters, Dollar Bills, Cigars and Cadillacs. All thing items you would be able to buy of course, if you won the Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot!

There is a lot of netent progressive jackpots that we have not covered on this page, mega fortune is one of the bigger one.

How to Win the Jackpot?

mega fortune slot reviewGet your eye on the massive Jackpot and your hand nearer the prize-pool by spinning 3 of the bonus symbols in any win line combination to enter the thrilling bonus game which you'll instantly recognise, as it resembles a Wheel of Fortune style bonus round. The Wheel of Fortune is actually made up of 3 separate wheels.

Start to spin the first outer wheel and stop at the right moment with the ticker will line up the arrow icon to point you to the next wheel. Keep this up until you reach the inner Wheel to hit to main Mega Fortune Jackpot, which if you're lucky enough to do then start celebrating as the Multi-Million Jackpot will be yours!

Even if you don’t make it that far, you still can be awarded with really good cash winnings from the other local jackpots (1st and 2nd wheels) or of course any wins during the normal game.

If you're looking for a casino slot that can propel you into the stratosphere of riches, luxury and will make your dreams come true, then play the one and only Mega Fortune Slot as it gives one of the biggest jackpots online.

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